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spiderman mod page title

Finally the long awaited Spider-man mods are done!!! We have recreated them to be thinner and have open windows. The windows have a thin sheet of clear acetate paper over them to give a more realistic glass look. Each Building is hand made to order. No going to the toys store and reselling here. We mold and pour all of our mods. Then hand airbrush and paint each of them.

You can see in the video exactly how they are installed, but to sum it up, you slide the nylon spacers between the wire ramp and the cabinet wall. They are really easy to remove and install. The buildings are not bracketed to the playfield in any way and have small pieces of Velcro to secure them from any possible movement. They hold very secure in the game even with tilting the game and a shaker motor.

It takes about 15 seconds to remove the buildings and about the same to reinstall. If we were to make a bracket to mount them to the playfield we would have to recreate the buildings again because they would get damaged when you lift the playfield up and down as they sit up against the wall.

We feel that our Spider-man mods are a great example of the custom work we do here at Back Alley Creations. We stand behind all of our products and feel that we make a great product that we hope everyone will love. Thanks to everyone for your patience while we recreated the new buildings.


Spiderman Game In Action Video

Full Spider Man Building Set
*Light Kit not included*

Spiderman building top pic
Spiderman building 2
spiderman building 3
spiderman buildings 4
spiderman building 5


*Light kits for buildings not included*

3 Piece Sandman Set
sandman 1 sandman r side sm add ons
Sandman Sandman Detail
sandman parts sandman r side
Sandman Set Painted Painted Sandman Set Installed

Click Here for Sandman Mod Installation Instructions

Spider-Man Train
train 1 sm add ons
train 2 sm add ons
train 3  sm add ons


Click Here for Spider-Man Train Installation instructions
Silver Spider-Man Train With Graffiti


Red Spider-man Train With Graffiti
Red spiderman graffiti train 1
Red spiderman graffiti train 2




LED Kit for Buildings, Train, Sandman and more


Finally someone has made the kit!!! That’s right LED’s that fit into your Buildings, Sandman and Train. These LED mod’s work great and are easy to install. I have seen them in person and it really adds something to the mods I have made. Plus they are really easy to install. There are 2 styles, one is a solder and the other is a plug and play. Who made this kit you ask? Steve Groothuis is the creator of this great mod and the kit is only available through him. That’s right I don’t sell this kit, just promoting a great product that I feel is a must have for any Spider-Man owner. So take a look at the video and e-mail Steve if you are interested in purchasing one of these kits!

Contact Steve at: sgroothuis@comcast.net


Spider-Man Plastic Sets
sm slingshots red-black
Red and Black Combo 4-pc Spider Man Plastic Set
sm red-black next to price $25.00

sm sling shot black
Black 4-pc Spider Man Plastic Set
sm black next to price

sm sling shot red
Red 4-pc Spider Man Plastic Set
sm red next to price $25.00

Spiderman Spidie Sense Black Plastic
new spiderman spidie sense black plastic  $10.00

Spiderman Spidie Sense Red Plastic
new spiderman spidie sense red plastic 
Spider Man Candy Blue Powder Coating Job
The hardware is all powder coated candy blue. To achieve this effect 2 coats of powder are needed. First it is powder coated silver, then the candy blue over it.
Powder coating is great stuff. It is very durable and stronger than any paint that you would spray on.

***TO SAVE EVERYONE MONEY I use your personal hardware. What I ask customers to do is, send me their side rails, lockdown bar, hinges and legs.
After they are painted and ready to ship I will send you a pay-pal request for the shipping.As always, I only charge exactly what it cost to ship it to you. If you have any questions about this please contact me.***  info@backalleycreations.com

spiderman hardware top pic

spiderman hardware bottom pic
* This is for a paint/powder coating job on "YOUR" personal hardware pieces. You are NOT buying hardware that is pre-painted. You are buying the process of having it done to  your hardware!

red wall art spiderman Spiderman Wall Art 1 piece red

black wall art spiderman Spiderman Wall Art 1 piece black


spiderman wall art set
Spiderman Wall Art Set


Spider man speaker panel top pic
Spider man speaker panel close up
Spiderman Brick Web Speaker Panel


Spiderman lace speaker panel

Spiderman Web Lace Speaker Panel


web_1.jpg Web Ball
Grade 25



Sandman Mod Installation Instructions
To install any of the 3 Sandman pieces, simply remove the back of the Velcro tab
and press the mod down on the selected area of the game.
sandman install
sandman install 2

Spider-Man Train: Install Instructions and Video
To install the train you need to put in the set pin that is provided in this kit. The set pin consist of a black wood screw and a nylon spacer. The screw that you remove to replace with the pin is located right behind the screw that holds down the tiny piece of plastic right by the ball shooter lane. The screw that holds the plastic piece down stays and fits in the shallow 2nd hole that is in the bottom of the train. Remove the existing screw and replace it with the set pin.

sm install set pin top

sm install set pin bottom

Next locate the spot light by Doc Oct. Take the new longer screw and run it through the small metal piece, Velcro side up. Set this to the side for a moment. Remove the metal threaded screw carefully from the light post, so not to lose any of the spacers or damage the light. Next flip the light upside down (as shown in the picture) and run the new longer screw and metal piece through it. Then the gray spacer that was on the bottom. Followed by the longer gray spacer. Finally put the smaller white spacer (provided) on the bottom and tighten down. The reason for flipping the light is that it stays at the same height as it was before you added the spacer. It drops the light down to the same height. But be careful not to damage light when flipping it over. Also this is an optional step.

train install photo 3


Spiderman Building Installation Video


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